As a young boy he has always had motor in his head.
At the age of 10 he first peeled a bucket of potatoes then his brothers allowed him four or five rides on motor scooter around the park.
Then he started obstacle races with motor scooters gaining his first victories.
At the age of 15 he switched to cross discipline for about three sports seasons winning a lot of races.
In 1982 he decided to switch to speedway and amazed all spectators winning his first Italian Junior title. He was the first rider who won at the opening of activity.
At the same time he did military service and the more or less serious incidents hold Armando out from the tracks but in the hospitals for many months. The convalescence and his friends tried to make him understand to be calm with motorcycle, even if, these words were easiest to say than to do! Mr. Vito Artosin, speedway manager training of that period trusted Armando and immediately sent him to World Championship qualifications. Armando, very prepared on speedway, won race after race introducing himself al World Championship Final, what never succeed before to an Italian speedway rider.
He instantly understood that he had to emigrate in countries where speedway was a national sport if he wanted to become the best.
He lived in Australia and in Argentina, then he moved himself to United Kingdom where he remained until 2002.

"Armando By Luigi Voltolina"
First months in England were not so simple, budgets were restricted and Armando had to live into a caravan, far from home for long periods.
With Armando far from home, mammy Mary could be quiet (remembering the incident during which Armando invested his mother with the Vespa).
In foreign country Armando became a squad leader in all the teams he was part of. He was captain of Reading, Oxford and of Lublin teams. Teams of seven different European countries were looking for him. Mass media always supported that to have Armando in the own team was like having half a championship because of his charisma.
At the end of 2001 Reading team named Armando as a living legend for speedway history.
As all know Armando never won a World Championship and this fact make him very unhappy but he won a lot of World Championship qualifications elevating the honour of Italy.
In 1997 he won the European Championship and achieved the better score during a World Pairs Competition in 1992 where Italy finished with a good fourth place.
More than two hundreds victories and as many podium classifications, but his best result was winning the European Final in 1997 in Lonigo in front of his home crowd.
He competed in more then thousand races not only in speedway but also in Vespa races, Motocross, Supermotard, Dirt Track Harley Davidson (where he won the Italian title).
He raced in twenty-eight different countries, travelling all around the world many times.
At the end of his racing career Armando is now living in his native town Arzignano, near Vicenza with his wife Daniela, his son Paco Michele and his little daughter Francesca.
Armando is very proud that he was able to introduce his name all over the world and, when people will talk about Armando, people will say: "Armando Castagna? Yes, of course, the speedway rider!"